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The name of the pianist Pietro Fresa (Bologna 2000) first became known in musical circles when he made his debut at St. George’s Hall, Liverpool in September 2017. On this occasion he performed Ludwig van Beethoven’s third concerto, opus 37 for piano and orchestra, as representative of the Italian nation for the event “Bologna-Liverpool UNESCO city of music”.

In the same year he received an invitation to the Festa Europea della Musica di Roma; during which event, held at the Camera dei Deputati, the Medaglia della Camera was conferred on him by the Hon. Laura Boldrini in recognition of his musical talent and as a winner of international awards.

As regards his training, Pietro Fresa was admitted to the Conservatorio G. B. Martini of Bologna in 2010 where he obtained the highest marks possible graduating with distinction under the guidance of Maestro Carlo Mazzoli in July 2017.

During the same period and at only eleven years old, Pietro won a place at the prestigious Accademia Pianistica Internazionale in Imola on the course entitled “Incontri col Maestro” (“Meetings with the Maestro”). Here he studied with the Chinese concert pianist, Jin Ju, whilst at present he is a pupil of the renowned Russian Maestro, Boris Petrushansky.

After the Conservatorio he began his studies at the London Royal College of Music, thanks to a generous study grant, and here he attends the courses of the Maestri Dmitri Alexeev and Sofya Gulyak.

In addition, Pietro has honed his skills under the instruction of teachers such as Andreas Frölich, Enrico Pace, Roberto Cappello, Vovka Ashkenazy, Leonid Margarius, Stefano Fiuzzi and Vanessa Latarche, participating in their Masterclasses on a regular basis.

At twelve years old, he gave his first public performance with the orchestra and inaugurated the academic year of the Conservatorio at the Manzoni Auditorium in Bologna performing Haydn’s Hob.XVIII/11 in D Major. Since then he has embarked on an intensive career as a concert pianist both as a soloist and in chamber music in numerous musical events including Musica in Fiore at the Sala Farnese of the Municipality of Bologna, the San Giacomo Festival at the church of that name in Bologna, the prestigious season Genus Bononiae at the Auditorium of Santa Cristina in Bologna, the Concerts of the Teatro Guardassoni and of the Cenobio of S. Vittore in Bologna, the season entitled Talenti in Musica in Modena, the programme of the Officers’ Club in Bologna, the Literary Society of Verona, the Festival Talent Music Mater Courses and the concerts of the Teatro Sancarlino of Brescia as well as the Teatro Comunale of Bologna.

He has been awarded first prize in more than thirty piano competitions. One noteworthy occasion being his triumph at the Vienna International Competition, the Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition, where he carried off the first prize enabling him to perform at the renowned Metallener Saal of the Musikverein (Vienna).

Most recently Pietro has completed a tour as soloist in the English cities of Liverpool, Shrewsbury and Ludlow. Since then he has been living in London and has performed frequently in England: amongst his latest appearances it is worth mentioning those at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall in London and the concerts with the ESO - Ealing Symphony Orchestra, directed by the Maestro John Gibbons.



J.S. Bach
- Selected Inventions and Sinfonias
- French Suite n. 5
- 24 Preludes and Fugues from Well-Tempered Clavier Volume I
- Selected Preludes and fugues from Well-Tempered Clavier Volume II

D. Scarlatti
- Sonatas K. 1 - 29 - 95 - 209 - 380 - 466 - 531

F.J. Haydn
- Piano concerto Hob. XVIII/11

W. A. Mozart
- Sonata K. 332
- Sonata K. 545
- Variations K. 265
- Piano concerto K. 459 n. 19
- Piano concerto K. 595 n. 27

L. van Beethoven
- Sonata op. 2 n. 1
- Sonata op. 10 n. 3
- Sonata op. 53 n. 21
- Sonata op. 110 n. 31
- Piano concerto op. 15 n. 1
- Piano concerto op. 37 n. 3
- Piano concerto op. 58 n. 4

F. Schubert
- Impromptus op. 90 n. 2 e n. 4

R. Schumann
- Sonata op. 22 n. 2
- Papillons op. 2
- Piano concerto op. 54

F. Chopin
- Ballade n. 2 op. 38
- Ballade n. 4 op. 52
- Mazurkas op. 33
- Selected etudes from op. 10 and op. 25

J. Brahms
J. Brahms - Rhapsody op. 79 n. 2
- Intermezzi op. 117

F. Liszt
- Concert etude “Gnomenreigen”
- Selected etudes from “Grandes études de Paganini”
- Hungarian Rhapsody n. 12

C. Debussy
- Pour le Piano
- Images (vol. 1)
- Estampes

F. Poulenc
- Trois pieces

S. Rachmaninov
-Prelude op. 32 n. 8

M. Clementi
- Selected etudes from “Gradus ad Parnassum”

C. Czerny
- Selected etudes from op. 740

J. B. Cramer
- Selected etudes from various opus

E. Pozzoli
- Selected etudes from “Etudes of medium difficulty”


A. Vivaldi
- Cello sonata op. 14 n. 2

W.A. Mozart
- Violin sonata K. 305

L. Boccherini
- Cello sonata n. 6

L. van Beethoven
- Violin sonata op. 12 n. 1
- Cello sonata op. 102 n. 4
- Violin sonata op. 24 n. 5
- Piano Trio op. 1 n. 1

J. Brahms
- Selected Hungarian Dances for piano and violin

J. Massenet
- Meditation for violin and piano

J.W. Kalliwoda
- Morceau de Salon for oboe and piano

N. Paganini
- Variations on a theme from «Moses in Egypt» for cello and piano

F. Mendelssohn
– Liede ohne Worte for cello and piano op. 109

E. Grieg
– Violin sonata op. 45 n. 3

C. Debussy
– Violin sonata L. 40

S. Rachmaninov
– Vocalise for cello and piano op. 34


London, from 11 to 15 November 2019, every morning H. 8.45 am
Series of performances for the event “Morning Calm Recital Series”
in St George’s Church, Hanover Square, London

News - Concerts - Events


London, from 11 to 15 November 2019, every morning H. 8.45 am

Series of performances for the event “Morning Calm Recital Series” in St George’s Church, Hanover Square, London

London, 18 November 2019 H. 6.30 p.m.

Recital in St Stephen’s Church, Gloucester Road, London.

Market Drayton (UK), 24 November 2019 H. 3.00 p.m.

Recital for the Drayton Centre Festival, Frogmore Road.

Shrewsbury, 1 December 2019 H. 3 p.m.

Recital presso St Alkmund’s Church, Shrewsbury - Recital in St Alkmund’s Church, Shrewsbury.


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